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The Adventurers are passionate in our quest to find a cure for childhood brain cancer.

In an effort to raise significant funds for medical research The Adventurers climb the highest mountains, compete in marathons and embark on wild challenges all over the world.
We push ourselves past personal boundaries and out of our comfort zone in an attempt to make an impact on Childhood Cancer Research.
All activities/adventures and efforts are carried out with one end goal in mind – finding a cure for Childhood Brain Cancer.

Our Adventurers are spirited individuals who value kids, life, love, strength and have a passion to find a cure.

Brain Cancer is the most common form of tumour in children and is the second most common cause of death in children in Australia.
Treatments available vary depending on tumour type, grade, child’s age, overall health etc.
As a child is still developing these treatments can be invasive and often result in substantial and permanent side effects.

To date The Adventurers have raised almost $9 million in funding for the Brain Tumour Research Laboratory. This funding goes towards research equipment, fellowships, drug research programs and funding of global collaborations between international childhood cancer research institutes.

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