Getting Started

Upon registration, you will be directed to create a personalised supporter page – this is your number one fundraising tool!
Tip: Upload a profile photo to your page – those who do raise 10 times more on average than those who don’t. 

Make your fundraising page personal, compelling and inspiring. Be sure to explain your motivation in taking on the QV1 Descent and why you have chosen to support the charity you are abseiling for.
Tip: Tell your story – those who do raise up to 74% more than those who don’t.

Then simply begin your fundraising campaign by sharing the link to your page with your network of family, friends, colleagues and contacts. Let them know you have accepted the QV1 Descent challenge and ask them to support you with a donation.
Tip: Share straightaway – those who share their page within an hour of creating it raise 52% more than those who don’t.

You might also like to get in first and donate to yourself. This not only proves your commitment but encourages others to follow suit. If you donate big chances are your subsequent donors will follow your lead.
Tip: Those who donate to their own page raise over 120% more on average.

Fundraising can be an easy process if you are ready and willing to give it a real go. The key to successful fundraising is to be creative, think big and start early.

We encourage you to continue fundraising once you have reached the target and following your abseil. You will often find that people are willing to support you after your amazing feat of bravery, so your supporter page will remain open two weeks after you have fundraised.

Lady abseiling down skyscraper

Fundraising Ideas

Make Your Message Loud and Clear

Take every possible opportunity to remind others of your fundraising campaign. Use an email signature, put up promotional posters around your workplace or local…
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Social Media

Social MediaHarness the power of social media – utilise Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep your social networks up to date with your fundraising…
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Spread The Love

Spread The LoveAsk for donations from your network – distribute your supporter page link to family, friends, colleagues and contacts. Make your ask personal and compelling…
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Host a Bake Sale

Host a Bake SaleIf you are a budding Martha Stewart, or your colleagues are, arrange an office bake sale and all donations go to…
Mandurah Bridge Swing

Get your workplace involved

Dollar matching – ask your employer if they will match any amount you fundraise. Website – ask for your fundraising information to be included…

Just Ask

Just AskAsk for donations from your network – distribute your supporter page link to family, friends, colleagues and contacts. Make your ask personal and compelling to…
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Wall Of Recognition

Perth Children's Hospital Foundation

More than $2.97 million raised for WA's sick kids and young people from 2002-2017

Abseiling 160m from the top of the QV1 building in Perth, Bob faced his fear of heights in 2017 to raise money for Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Continuing a long history of collaboration with Urban Descent, stemming back to 2002, Bob is one of hundreds of brave Foundation supporters to fundraise by descending from some of Perth’s tallest buildings.

More than $2.97 million has been raised for Perth Children’s Hospital, thanks to Urban Descent’s experienced team.

“If Conor can go through all that he does with a smile on his face, I can raise money by throwing myself off a perfectly good building! Urban Descent made me feel completely safe; from the training I got beforehand, to the actual day, it was an experience that I will never forget!”

Photo: Bob’s abseiling adventure (second from left).

Group of fundraisers abseiling

Sir David Martin Foundation, Sydney

More than $3 million raised since 2010

Each year the Sir David Martin Foundation runs this charity adventure abseil as a major funder of Mission Australia’s Triple Care Farm. This unique, holistic treatment centre gives over 200 vulnerable young Australians, aged 16-24, a safe place to get well and prepare for new opportunities.

young people abseiling
Woman swinging from bridge

Hear and Say

More than $39,000 raised since 2018

Hear and Say run the Goodwill Bridge Swing annually in support of Queensland children who are deaf or heard of hearing. Funds raised contribute to helping kids listen and speak.