Fundraising Tips

Fundraising Tips

  • Speak to your local media.

Local news and radio love these feel good fluffy stories of people in the community doing good deeds.  After all, the world needs more of this! Give them a call, send them a media release (we can help with this, as can your charity) and ask them to help you promote your fundraising effort to your local community. Don’t forget, your charity will generally need to approve any media before it goes out!

  • Do the maths and split it! 

If your target is only $1000. That’s 5 people at $200; 10 at $100; 25 at $40; 50 at $20 and 100 at $10.  Think about your networks and write a list 1-100 and see who and how much you think they can spare, then go ask!

  • Hit up your boss. 

You may not realise, but most companies have what’s called a ‘corporate and social responsibility’ plan.  This means that a lot of employers will dollar match your fundraising effort. For example, if an employee raises $1,000 through a sausage sizzle, the employer will match that by donating another $1,000.  Most cap their dollar match amount at $1000.

  • Give up a gift!

Ask for donations in place of a gift – birthday, wedding, leaving etc

  • Ask and you shall receive!

Emails are by far your best way of driving donations.

Send an email to everyone and anyone you know, telling them what you’re doing and why.  It may feel a little bit awkward but really, don’t feel shy about asking your those in your networks to sponsor you.  The people you least expect to donate are usually the ones who do.

A personal email works the best!

  • Don’t let people forget!

You may think posting loads about it on social media might be annoying, but most people will love your updates.  Share our video’s and photos and let them see exactly what you’ll be doing.  By keeping them updated you’ll see more donations. Don’t forget, make sure they know who you are trying to raise money for, how much and why you chose your charity.

Click here for an example email and social media post’s.

  • Outside the square is often best!

Think outside the square and do something different to raise funds.

Challenge yourself by running a marathon on a treadmill at a gym and get the community behind you.  Offer to do it live on air at your local radio station!

  • Make it enjoyable! 
  • Get in early and do things you love, like picnics in the park!
  • Last but not least!

Ask your charity for their suggestions.  They’ll have some fabulous ideas to share that others have done.